Biodiesel Series- Tools Available

This is the fourth post in a series of four posts to be released every Thursday in August. All of the prior posts can be found here; post one, post two, and post three.

The Alternative Fuel Data Center has an assortment of tools available providing information on topics such as incentives, fuels available in your area, etc.

Federal and State Laws and Incentives

There are a plethora of programs, incentives and laws devoted to every alternative fuels. A full list for those available in New York can be seen here.

BioFuel Atlas

This interactive map allows the user to isolate their state and analyze biofuel productions in their area. Additionally the user can identify the fuel stations in their area. For a guide on how to find and use the Atlas, please view here.

Biodiesel in the Capital Region

There is currently a biodiesel blend fueling station located in the Capital District:

John Ray & Sons

2900 6th Avenue

Troy, NY 12180

AMERIgreen is a company that distributes wholesale biodiesel and recently opened in the Capital region. For more information on their company and their fuel sale please see here.

National Biodiesel Board

The National Biodiesel Board has a plethora of information on biodiesel, from its production to its usage. To learn more or to contact the board, their website is posted here.

This concludes our fourth and final post in our Biodiesel Series! If there are any questions or concerns please contact Jennifer Ceponis,